This page is a list of all the resources I have found helpful on my journey to health. I will keep adding to this list.

Lyme Disease

Some helpful starting points

Stephen Buhner’s Lyme protocols

Website has basic protocols available for free:

His books go into much more detail:

The Gupta programme

This programme was originally designed for CFS/ME but has been successfully used for lots of chronic conditions, including Lyme. The cost of the programme is, compared to many treatments, very reasonable and you really do get a lot of resources for the price, including a 12-week live webinar series with the founder Ashok Gupta which was invaluable for me.


  • Meditations from the Gupta programme; available for free via The Meaning of Life app (available for Apple and Android). These meditations are not chronic-illness related so are suitable for everyone.
  • Sudhir Rishi podcast – available on iTunes. This amazing man runs the Sampoorna Yoga training centre in Goa where I trained in 2016. The podcasts are mostly recordings of live meditations and Satsangs. It doesn’t get much more authentic than this!
  • Kundalini yoga meditations and kriyas as described in: Meditation as Medicine, by Guru Dharma Singh Khalsa MD & Cameron Stauth
  • Calm App. Costs £9.99 a month but worth every penny. I started using their sleep meditations when I was struggling with insomnia and I still use them now; I’m normally asleep before it’s finished!
  • Headspace – a very popular meditation app. I don’t use it any more but I think it’s a really good starting point for beginners.

Dietary advice and recipes

  • The Wahls Protocol has been used successfully with Lyme, as well as many other chronic conditions. Website and book
  • The Paleo Mom. Website and book.
  • Bulletproof diet. Loosely based on a keto diet (high fat, low carb), although Dave Asprey the founder gives various options besides full keto. Lots of good info on his website and podcast (see below).
  • Website and blog, with recipes, by a nutritionist who lives and works locally to me. My favourite website for breakfast ideas!


I’ve really enjoyed listening to podcasts this year. I like to listen to them while I cook and while I drive, but they are also great for anyone who is sick and needs a restful activity to pass the time. All of these are available on iTunes and likely other platforms.

  • Lyme Ninja Radio
  • Bulletproof Radio – not focused on Lyme or chronic illness generally, but rather is a podcast designed for people who aim to be the best that they can be. Covers everything you could possibly imagine in relation to health and has hundreds of episodes.
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno. Ok, this has absolutely nothing to do with Lyme disease. But it is bloody hilarious and we all need more laughter in our lives.