Gluten free dining

I’ve been meaning to keep a record of gluten-free restaurants for some time now, and the blog feels like a perfect way to keep an ongoing record. Luckily for me and all the other peeps out there with food intolerances, many restaurants and cafes now cater for a range of dietary requirements. This will be a record of my experiences of eating out. Please note, I will only include on the list restaurants that I have actually been to myself, but if you have suggestions of places you’ve visited I’d love to hear from you!

*FYI – in my experience, restaurants either cater for dietary requirements, or they don’t, so if somewhere has good gluten-free options they are generally good for people with other requirements too, but the focus of this list will be gluten.

Devon, UK

  • Atlantis fish bar, Exmouth – offer gluten-free batter. There was a bit of a wait, but they said if you phone in advance they’ll get it ready. The fish and chips were fine, but if you really want fish and chip heaven, see Premier fish cafe below.
  • Boston tea party Exeter, Honiton & others – do gluten free bread and normally have gluten and dairy free cakes. Boston’s is best for breakfast in my opinion. Their eggs are free range and meat ethically sourced, and there’s lots of veggie options too.
  • Dart’s Farm Restaurant, Topsham – have separate gluten-free and low carb menus, very well marked and gluten-free bread so most things on the menu are feasible. Even offer a choice of white or granary gluten-free bread which is a rare treat!
  • Fingle glen hotel, Exeter – the chef here may just just be a magician. They do themed nights every so often and me and my boyfriend went to a Moroccan night recently. The food was incredible. They sent me a list of gluten free options by email beforehand, and the waitress gave me full details of allergens on the night.
  • Premier fish cafe, Budleigh Salterton – offer gluten-free batter and oh my word, they may just be the best fish and chips I’ve ever tasted.
  • Tea on the green, Exeter – an independent cafe on the cathedral green. They have homemade gluten free bread and paninis, pasties, cakes and scones. Also have soya milk for tea. Lovely little cafe.
  • Urban Burger, Exeter – man oh man, this was some good sh*t. Homemade burgers using local Devon meat, they offer both a gluten free bun and a bunless option. All burger patties are gluten-free. And they offer a ‘build your own’ where you get to pick your own meat, sauce and extras, which is extra helpful for those of us with multiple dietary requirements as you know exactly what’s in it.


  • Byron burger – offer a ‘skinny’ option with a salad in exchange for bun, burgers are gluten free and pretty yummy. As an added bonus they do sweet potato fries (yum).
  • Pizza express – offer gluten free pizza bases. They also do a cheeseless pizza for dairy free/vegan peeps and someone once told me if you take your own cheese they’ll use it for you, but I can’t verify if that’s true.
  • Pret a manger – good for gluten/dairy-free, veggie and vegan lunches. All their food is well marked with allergen info and there’s several gluten-free options.

Other UK

  • Minnack theatre café – if you happen to be visiting the minack theatre on the south coast of Cornwall, their cafe had several gluten free, dairy free and vegan cake options.
  • Mirren’s restaurant, Newtown, Wales – offer a good range of gluten-free tapas dishes as well as several other dishes. Menu is clearly marked with GF, Veg or Vegan, and the food was delicious.
  • The Italian kitchen, St Ives and Hayle, Cornwall – Offer all of their pasta and pizzas as gluten free. Their gluten free pasta was made from scratch and was really tasty. Highly recommended if you’re in cornwall.
  • The Raw Chocolate Pie Company, St Ives – I felt like I’d walked into heaven. This lady makes raw ‘chocolate’ bars using cacao, coconut oil, and other raw ingredients. This place won extra brownie points with me because, unlike a lot of raw treats branded as being ‘healthy’, these had a super low sugar content and really were pretty healthy as far as I could tell. Winner! They have an online shop too, FYI.
  • Treen cafe, near Penzance, Cornwall – this was one of those absolutely random, ‘eh?!’ moments. We stop into a teeny tiny cafe in the village of Treen on the south coast of Cornwall, assuming there’s not a chance in hell of there being anything suitable for me. They had homemade gluten free tarts (including a veggie option), and dairy free ice cream, amongst other things. Happy days! If you happen to be in the area, take a walk along the south west coast path to nearby Pedn Vounder beach – breathtaking scenery.
  • Turk’s head, Penzance – a little pub that doesn’t look like much on the outside, but had a lovely menu, although we were admittedly a little disappointed with the food. When asking about allergen information they replied ‘most things are gluten free and the things that aren’t, we can make gluten free’. Sweet nectar to any coeliac’s ears!


Luckily this list is pretty small for me, but it’s worth keeping a note of the places that really don’t do a good job of catering for dietary requirements.

  • Wetherspoons – sorry to burst the wetherspoons bubble, but they really do not cater well for gluten-free. The menu is a little confusing with regards to food intolerances, and last time I checked there were only two options for gluten-free, one of which was a salad (yawn).

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