An introduction

So, here it is. I’ve considered blogging for a while now but always found suitable excuses. I don’t have time, I’m crap with technology, who’ll want to read my blabber anyway? Today I convinced myself that a blog would be a good way to document the continual experiment that is my life. If it happens to help someone else along the way, great stuff.

So this is me. 28 years old, in my 12th year of an ongoing battle with the epstein barr virus AKA glandular fever. A scientist at heart, my life has become one long experiment of drugs, supplements, diets, lifestyle changes, and god knows what else. With so many factors to consider or Рin science talk Рtoo many variables to control, it can all feel a little overwhelming sometimes. So this will be my place to document the good times, the bad times, the diets, the pills, the doctors, the emotions, and whatever else I feel like writing about.

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